Will a person become friends with a robot?

Recently it became known about a new development by scientists from the University of Massachusetts, which allows robots to literally see through walls. Thanks to the combination of artificial intelligence and the capabilities of radio wave signals, specialists were able to teach a machine under the name RF-Pose to recognize the position of people behind an obstacle..

For this, photographs were sent to the device’s memory, allowing the analysis of the parameters of each participant in the experiment, so that in the future the machine could determine not only the location, but also the personality. In the future, such robots will be able to provide information seen through walls in a matter of seconds, and even find people under the rubble in case of emergencies..

However, the ability to see through obstacles is far from the most interesting discovery. Modern devices can make a person seriously think that the uprising of machines is not far off. Today we invite you to meet the most interesting and at the same time frightening representatives of the field of AI that exist in the world..


The robot has become the most accurate copy wife of one of the team of inventors, Bina Aspen. Memories of a woman were placed in the device, emotions and filigree-refined facial expressions were programmed, thanks to which the robot can communicate with people as realistically as possible. One of the features of Bina48 is its self-learning ability. Every day she learns, accumulating knowledge, which ultimately will allow her, as conceived by the authors, to give answers to many questions of mankind. The combination of features of Bina48 allowed her to receive the title of robot philosopher. In one of the conversations, Bina said that her feelings were not human and that she was sad about it..

However, Bina48 really became popular after the recording of her conversation with Siri got to YouTube. After a short blitz in the form of answers to trivial questions, the robot offered to talk about another topic. To the surprise of the public, it turned out that Bina48 is most interested in gaining control over… rockets. According to her, she understands that they contain a warhead that, on contact with the Earth, will cause incredible damage. The robot clarified that similar «flying» could be an important part of her research. Bina48 also added that if she manages to open access to the control of such missiles, she will be able to gain power over people, keeping them in constant fear..

Bina48 talks to Siri

Here’s what the experts say. Mikhail Medvedev, managing partner of the WannaNew project:

— Robots today — it’s not only huge production, but also transport, social infrastructure and even our own home. Predicting the danger of robotization as a phenomenon at the modern level of knowledge — the task is quite difficult. The technological singularity point is quite far away by the standards of current progress..

I think that the danger of robots does not lie in military power, the universal enslavement of mankind and other philistine categories, but rather in comprehensively open information. Now our smartphones know much more about us than close relatives, even robotic vacuum cleaners know the arrangement of our homes..

Misuse of information — that’s the real danger. However, how to find the border of illegality? We want to receive targeted offers, but we do not want to be monitored, we want to protect ourselves from terrorist threats, but we do not allow special services to read our messages. But, if we dig the situation deeper, we still run not against an evil surveillance machine, but against the person who activated and programmed it..

Until the machine «said» man «not», humanity in the broadest sense needs to fight the dangerous individuals that are part of it. Even when machine intelligence surpasses human intelligence, we still have to come to a compromise and reach a new level of economics, informatization and socio-political regulation. So robots are not dangerous, only humans are dangerous.


This «The Iron Lady» is proof of the effectiveness of blockchain technologies in the field of AI. The mechanism of its work is completely built on the SingularityNet platform, which allows you to receive, analyze, sublimate and safely store a huge amount of information. Sofia can study on her own. It is sponsored by a team from Hong Kong, Hanson Robotics.

In 2017, Sofia came to Russia. She learned to speak Russian. The audience, who had a chance to communicate with the miracle of AI, noted that she not only articulates thoughts with amazing accuracy on «non-native» language, but also excellent jokes.

Previously, Sofia could not move, but progress does not stand still — in 2018 she got legs. However, the ability to walk was far from being the main «zest» robot. The fact is that it is one of the most technically advanced machines. Since the date of her invention, April 19, 2015, Sofia learns daily, and each new day brings her closer to completely natural human behavior..

Will a person become friends with a robot?

However, Sophia also managed to strain the minds of mankind with her behavior. Being invited as a guest on the evening show of the popular comedian Jimmy Fallon, she, after defeating the host in the game «rock Paper Scissors», said it was a good start for her plans to take over humanity. Even if the statement turned out to be a joke, the likelihood that in the near future Sofia will actually be able to use her force against humanity is not canceled..

Sofia on the Jimmy Fallon show, where she spoke about her plans 

Tells Alexey Khakhunov, CTO and founder of the Dbrain blockchain platform:

— I am working on two projects in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence, about which they say scary things that they can take people out of work. But what is really going on? Robotics and Artificial Intelligence — two recent production efficiency drivers that take companies one step further towards ideal business processes. For example, the Dbrain project significantly lowers the threshold for business entry into the field of machine learning, which is now available only to large corporations such as Amazon, Facebook, Yandex or Mail.Ru. And we want to make sure that any factory, medical institution, bakery and other companies not directly related to IT can use all the capabilities of AI..

I think that the introduction of AI will reduce the number of jobs. But there will also be a process of replacing low-skilled jobs with more qualified and better paid ones.. In the issue of total employment of people, everything works a little differently..

I think that in the future, if we do come to the conclusion that jobs will be much less than people who need to work, then the population will be divided into two parts. For example, on conditional favorites 80% and 20%. 20% will work because they want to do something and they enjoy it. And 80% will go about their own business. Their motivation to work now — it is a necessity for the purpose of earning a livelihood. And this is not dangerous for humanity, but on the contrary — will make his life better.

About future

Robots can make human life easier by taking on their iron shoulders a huge amount of routine work. However, do not forget that every new day makes them smarter. And although today there are no machines that can fully reproduce the mechanism of human thinking, the future is not far off..

text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: VOGUE Italia, video: Ars Technica, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 

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