US Army to test powerful tracked robots with anti-tank missiles

The US Army Combat Development Command’s Ground Vehicles Center has begun recruiting heavy weaponry and remote-controlled mobile combat robots.

Defense contractor QinetiQ said it has supplied the military with the first model of the RCV-L light tracked platform for a robotic ground combat system. On its basis, US Army engineers are planning to create a vehicle with Javelin anti-tank missiles, a 50-caliber machine gun and long-range infrared guidance sensors. Despite the automation of most systems, the operator who remotely controls the attack will be responsible for target selection and shooting..

As part of the program for the development of a new type of weapons, the Center for Land Vehicles plans to create robots of light, medium and heavy class. At the same time, the military will test not only controlled, but also unmanned variants that can interact with UAVs..

US Army to test powerful tracked robots with anti-tank missiles

Ultimately command wants to create a single network that will allow coordinating the actions of various centers in real time for the simultaneous execution of a number of operations.

In addition, last year, US Army researchers reported that by 2023 they plan to present a prototype of an artillery gun with a firing range of up to 1850 km..

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Reuters

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