Unmanned mobile vending machines and harvesting machines to appear in Wuhan

Driverless sightseeing buses, sweepers, and mobile vending machines to start driving around Wuhan Longlingshan Eco Park starting next year.

The city administration has already purchased 19 autonomous vehicles, but they will be put into operation only from January 1. Beyond unmanned taxis and regular buses, excursion buses will be available to park visitors, which are able to detect obstacles within a radius of 15 meters and bypass them, but will only travel on fixed routes.

Autonomous cleaning machines will monitor the cleanliness of the ecological park. They are equipped with dust brushes at the front, garbage collectors and a trash bin at the back, and an internal water purification system for reuse.

These cleaners can work even at night and in rain. However, due to the low speed of movement (maximum 3 km / h), it will take them about 2.5 hours to clean the entire park..

Visitors who are hungry or thirsty can buy snacks and drinks from one of the onsite vending machines. You can stop them simply by waving your hands in the air, being nearby, or using a special mobile application..

Unmanned mobile vending machines and harvesting machines to appear in Wuhan

Entrance to the park will remain free, but the administration has not yet clarified whether it will be necessary to pay for rides on unmanned buses.

Self driving vending machine

The use of autonomous machines can improve the efficiency of infrastructure maintenance.  Robotiz3D recently announced the development of an unmanned robot for road repair..

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Bloomberg

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