U.S. Army to test prototype artillery gun firing at 1,850 km

A US Army spokesman said his research team plans to unveil a prototype artillery gun with a range of up to 1,850 km by 2023..

According to the head of the cross-functional team developing high-precision long-range weapons systems, Colonel John Raffert, the next generation cannon will be able to drive «deep fire» and strike at strategic targets within the enemy’s defense.


His team has been working on the project since 2017 and is now overcoming first technical hurdles. However, the colonel claims that the army is currently cooperating with the Missile Range Research Center to confirm the technical feasibility of the implementation of this weapon system and is preparing for an early ballistic assessment at the Dahlgren Navy base..

Tests will show whether the required range can really be achieved using not too expensive shells.

U.S. Army to test prototype artillery gun firing at 1,850 km

The US military expects that «strategic cannon» will help to cope with advanced overhead radars, coastal defense and air defense systems of the enemy. One way to tackle these obstacles is to fire long-range at enemy strategic complexes and infrastructure to disrupt networks and create a window for advancement..

China is also actively developing its artillery systems and plans to equip its warships with high-power electromagnetic weapons..

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: US Army

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