The new submarine will be able to “fly” in the water, like an airplane in the air

Engineers have developed a radical new prototype of an ultra-fast submarine that can move through the water like an airplane in the air and dive to a depth of 1 km in five minutes..

The new submersible device has a three-meter cigar-shaped hull with a guidance system in the bow, a jet-type rudder and a propeller in the stern. Two side tubes with external batteries, which connect to the hull, form an analogue of the wings, which, according to the engineers, allow the vessel to sink and float quickly..

The prototype is capable of speeds up to 10 knots and descends to a depth of 1000 m at three meters per second, which takes about 5.5 minutes. The unmanned vehicle has twenty main systems, including a computer, communications and surveillance equipment. It can be powered by conventional batteries or a chemical engine that mixes lithium hexafluoride and sulfur hexafluoride to produce heated steam for power generators. – power source often used in torpedoes.

A development team from Shenyang University says their robot could be the basis for underwater search and rescue operations, collecting naval data, high-precision mapping of the seabed, or delivering minerals to the surface..

The new submarine will be able to 'fly' in the water, like an airplane in the air

Upon completion of testing, engineers plan to improve the apparatus by creating a coating of air bubbles to reduce friction..

We also previously reported that the company Hyundai Motor begins developing hydrogen fuel cell vessels.

Flying Submarine: The $1.7M Underwater Airplane

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Xinhua

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