Tactile suit invented, allowing hearing through the skin

Not Impossible Labs Introduces Tactile Suit That Allows Humans To Hear Sound In A New Way, Through Vibrations.

The technology uses our body’s responses to the somatosensory system, which consists of at least 12 known receptors. Basically, the suit can transmit ambient sounds, music, or speech to the brain through vibrations. Instead of ears to deliver signals the brain uses various nervous reactions of the body.

Similar technologies can be found in smartphones and some virtual reality systems..

Tactile suit invented, allowing hearing through the skin

Initially, NIL engineers created a suit for the deaf and hard of hearing people to help them better perceive surrounding sounds. However, according to the team, the development can find application in various areas, for example, to get a more vivid experience of virtual reality or a concert..

A recently invented handheld device that can recreate any food-related taste sensations on contact with the tongue will also help broaden the range of sensations..

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Not Impossible Labs

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