SPbPU developed laptop-sized meteor radio equipment

SPbPU employees have developed and tested a mobile complex operating on meteor radio communication. Now the stable transmission of text and voice messages will be available even at the North Pole.

To organize round-the-clock satellite communications in the Arctic regions, at least 3 expensive satellites and additional powerful equipment are required. Classic radio communication is also not suitable for the Arctic due to the aurora borealis, which causes noise and interference in the operation of devices..

SPbPU employees have developed a meteor complex that is suitable for the development of the Arctic zones above 70 degrees north latitude, where modern satellite communication channels do not work. Meteor radio communication works on the principle of signal reflection from ionized trails of meteors burning up in the Earth’s atmosphere. 

Complexes for data transmission are equipped with software for smartphones and base stations, and are similar in size to a standard laptop. The set of the receiving station with dimensions of 30x30x10 cm includes amplifiers and a modem. The system is capable of sending voice and text messages, but video communication remains unavailable.

The meteor radio station has a power of only 1 kW, but the service area of ​​one tower reaches 4000 km. The installation of only eight towers throughout the country will make meteor radio communication a cheap and reliable method of communication throughout Russia..

SPbPU developed laptop-sized meteor radio equipment

In addition to the North Pole, meteor communication can be used in the global data collection system of IoT devices or as an early warning system for natural disasters. The developed complexes are already being prepared for serial production, which will begin in 2020..

Mobile operators are also improving data transfer methods. Vodafone recently began testing OpenRAN technology to reduce the cost of mobile radio communications.

text: Dmitry Tokarev

SPbPU developed laptop-sized meteor radio equipment

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