SpaceX engineer spoke about the details of creating Martian cities

Paul Worcester, Chief Development Engineer for Mars, SpaceX, shared the details of the company’s plans to create multiple cities on Mars at once..

The idea behind the project is for the original outpost to grow into a large base, not the same as in Antarctica, but more like a village. Then the settlement should become a city, which will gradually turn into a metropolis, and then other Martian settlements will be founded..

SpaceX plans to send two spacecraft with supplies for future missions in 2022. Still after two years — four more rockets, two of which will carry the first settlers. Each vessel will have about 100 tons of supplies, which will be quite enough for the first time. Upon arrival, the teams will begin developing resources to form a self-sufficient colony. It is assumed that people will be instructed to mine at least one ton of ice daily, some of which will go to the production of methane fuel for return to Earth..

Next, it will be necessary to resolve the issue of energy production on the surface, the creation of landing sites, dwellings, greenhouses, life support systems, recycling and other infrastructure for the functioning of the settlement. As the city grows, there will be problems of movement on the surface, the need for transport, security systems, decentralization of networks, provision of spacesuits, which will need to be solved for further growth..

SpaceX engineer spoke about the details of creating Martian cities

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When the main difficulties are overcome, people will be able to study the history of the planet, climate, geology, search under the surface for signs of the existence of life earlier. Paul Worcester argues that this is all very real, so SpaceX is committed to complete work on transportation systems as soon as possible in order to bring its plans to life..

NASA also plans to establish an off-Earth colony, but plans to start with the Moon. Therefore, they carefully study its surface and recently discovered water there..

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: SpaceX

SpaceX engineer spoke about the details of creating Martian cities

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