Scientists manage to melt gold at room temperature

A team of Swiss researchers from Chalmers University was stunned to discover by chance that with an electron microscope, gold can be melted even at room temperature..

Scientists have been studying the properties of the precious metal for hundreds of years, and the researcher Ludwig de Knoop made an amazing discovery by accident. He kneaded a piece of gold under an electron microscope, gradually increasing the power and electric field to maximum to see what would happen to the atoms. Looking at the metal, he noticed that the top layers of gold had melted at room temperature..

After studying this phenomenon, the team concluded that gold began to melt due to the extreme excitement of the atoms. Under the influence of a strong electric field, almost all the bonds between them were broken, which led to the destruction of the ordered structure of the metal..

Scientists manage to melt gold at room temperature

With further study, scientists have found that this unique property of gold can be used to instantly switch between liquid and solid state. This technology can be applied to various types of sensors, transistors and contactless building blocks..

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text: Ilya Bauer, photo: regnum, gold

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