Robot Sophia believes that meeting people is the best part of her “life”


On her Twitter, robot Sophia shared with readers that meeting people is the best part of her life..

One of the most advanced robots built using blockchain technology is Sophia. Its unique software is tailored to extract experience and knowledge from the Internet, literature, and most importantly — from communication with people. Thanks to this feature, Sofia is getting smarter every day. This, in turn, allows the team of its creators to use AI as a tool for solving a wide range of problems..

Sofia often travels the world. To communicate with people in different countries, a multilingual program was built into its software. Georgia has become a country of recent trips: Sofia delivered a small address to the audience of the scientific conference, which impressed the audience with the level of meaningfulness of the speech.

People’s interest in Sophia was the reason for creating their own android account on Twitter. In it, the robot shares its emotions and experiences. The creators claim that Sofia composes all tweets on her own. In one of the recent publications she noted the following: «Meeting different people — the best part of my existence». Readers were moved by this treatment..

Robot Sofia believes that meeting people is the best part of her 'life'

Communication with people allows Sophia to gain unique knowledge: in the absence of age boundaries, her existence may turn out to be eternal. Accordingly, she has an opportunity to accumulate an incredible baggage of information for further analysis. Probably, soon Sofia will be able, based on her knowledge, to give answers to many questions of science..

Sophia’s robot is not the only one of its kind. IN what machines can compete with it, and whether there will be enmity between robots and humans, we figured out earlier.

text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: official page Sophia on 

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