Norway to build world’s first wireless charging network for electric vehicles

Oslo is gearing up to be the first city with a network of powerful wireless charging stations for electric vehicles built into the road surface.

Norway plans to ban the sale of gasoline-powered vehicles by 2025 and has already launched a transition to environmentally friendly transport. As part of the EletcriCity project, the city of Oslo, together with a number of private companies, plans to create a network of inductive charging stations for the local taxi fleet of electric vehicles..

Chargers will be built into the road so taxis can recharge their batteries throughout the day without leaving the route while waiting for a new call. The system does not require absolutely any physical connections and will be activated automatically after the car is parked over the specified area.

At the same time, the software complex built into the car will independently establish a connection and collect statistical data to optimize the charging schedule. Every replenishment 50 kW of energy will allow an electric car to travel for 6-8 minutes.

As part of the project, the Oslo authorities began to cooperate with the automaker Jaguar Land Rover, the developer of inductive charging systems Momentum Dynamics, the largest Scandinavian taxi service Cabonline and the energy company Fortum Recharge..

Norway to build world's first wireless charging network for electric vehicles

Jaguar will provide 25 I-PACE models with a Cabonline fleet to test the system, pre-loaded with Momentum Dynamic induction charge receivers.

The Oslo administration expects that the project will not only improve the environmental situation in the city, but also increase the income of taxi drivers, since they will need to devote less time to vehicle maintenance..

We also previously reported that Ford is developing interior odor sensors. to improve the taxi service.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Resett, layout: Jaguar Land Rover

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