Non-contact remote fitting of clothes: the Imigize project in Russia

Thanks to the Imigize project scanners installed in the Runlab chain of stores, users got the opportunity to get rid of mistakes when choosing shoes online.

Often, projects entering ICOs are limited to loud words on paper and fundraising, which later mysteriously end up in the pockets of the working group. And when it comes to practice, only users of more developed countries can see the results in the overwhelming majority. Against the background of unpleasant statistics, the domestic crypto community was pleasantly surprised by the representatives of the Imigize project (number 5 of our ICO rating).

Imigize develops products for remote purchase of goods. The main problem that the project team is working on is helping with trying things on. while shopping online. The solution was the creation of special scanners that read biometric data of a person in order to subsequently compare it with the exact parameters of things. At the exit, the buyer can realize «digital» fitting that will avoid problems with a choice of size.

Non-contact remote fitting of clothes: the Imigize project in Russia

Special devices that scan a person’s leg have appeared in Runlab stores in Moscow. The buyer enters his data into the database and shop online without missing sizing. Imigize team offers scanning capability based on their own imiscan application.

And these are not the only innovations in the field of shopping: we previously wrote that it will soon be possible to pay for purchases using selfies..

text: Evgeniya Likhodey

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