New ink turns any surface into an electronic control panel

Scientists have developed airbrushing ink that allows you to make almost any surface interactive and control it with various electronic devices..

Over the years, researchers have sought to achieve a level of integration of digital user interfaces with the physical environment so that they are indistinguishable. A team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology came close to solving this issue..

A team of computer science and artificial intelligence specialists have developed the SprayableTech system, which allows users to create interactive surfaces of any size with sensors and displays. It uses inks with electrically functional elements, which are applied using airbrushing through a stencil.

To integrate the technology into a graphical interface, it is necessary to use a set of special tools in a 3D editor to design the necessary digital objects and configure them. For example, motion sensors, touch buttons, sliders, and electroluminescent displays.

After that, the program displays options for stencils that can be made from cardboard. Next, you need to spray functional ink on the surface and connect a microcontroller to the system, which connects the interface to the board, on which the code for reading and visual output is executed..

New ink turns any surface into an electronic control panel

Turn Any Surface Into an Android Touchscreen!

While checking the system, the team created a music interface on a concrete pillar., smart sofa connected to tv and wall display for light control.

Since SprayableTech is very flexible in its application, it can be used not only on walls but also on surfaces of larger objects to create interactive smart cities and interactive architecture in public spaces.

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text: Ilya Bauer, photo and video: MIT

New ink turns any surface into an electronic control panel

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