NASA will resume the development of nuclear engines

US National Aeronautics and Space Administration Receives $ 125 Million to Develop Nuclear Jet Engines for Deep Space Exploration Program.

NASA stopped all research and development on nuclear power in the early 1970s, but the Appropriations Committee financed the resumption of work on the projects, although the agency did not submit a request. This year, a total of $ 22.3 billion was allocated from the budget for the development of space technologies..

The US plans to send missions to the Moon, Mars and continue to move further and further in our solar system. Therefore, they strive to reduce flight time by using more powerful engines..

Congress believes that nuclear jet thrust will significantly accelerate spacecraft and decided to pay prototyping and demonstration in open space, and development of a multi-year research plan detailing the possibilities of using the engine in future missions and propulsion systems.

NASA will resume the development of nuclear engines

Despite the resumption of projects, the use of nuclear energy will require prior approval. So far, the space agency has not announced specific plans to use the new engines in planned missions, but as technology advances, this may change..

Recall that Pentagon orders robots to repair satellites in space.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: scale

NASA will resume the development of nuclear engines

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