Ministry of Emergency Situations sees no threat in mining

The EMERCOM of Russia does not consider it expedient to deal with the prevention of the use of mining equipment, considering it an irrelevant cause of fires.

The service is aware of fires not caused by homemade farms and ASICs. Representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations told BitCryptoNews that at the moment, a separate record of such precedents is not kept. Employees of the State Fire Supervision Service say that they focus their main efforts on monitoring dysfunctional families at risk, and mining is a non-priority area. According to them, this equipment does not differ from any electrical.

However, there are known cases of fires in Russia due to improper use of self-made farms and ASICs. In November 2017, in Novorossiysk, a mining farm of 12 video cards led to a short circuit and a fire. In February, 500 sq. m of a multi-storey building in the seaside town of Artem due to overheating of the wiring from specialized equipment. Residents of Tomsk also faced fires in February and April due to improper use of farms. Industrial mining is no exception, there are several known cases of fires in premises with thousands of ASICs.

Ministry of Emergency Situations sees no threat in mining

Although the equipment itself is really not dangerous, it has high energy consumption and generates heat, which, together with old or poor-quality wiring, increases the risks. Another feature is the continuity of the coin mining process..
Of course, mining will not surpass domestic negligence in the number of cases, but the presence of such facts should prompt the responsible services to at least publish a list of recommendations for the operation of equipment. However, after the legislative regulation, the situation may change not only due to the growing popularity of mining, but also due to the prescriptions for appropriate control..

Already, RACIB members are proposing to transfer miners to self-employed and introduce preferential tax conditions for them.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Ministry of Emergencies

Ministry of Emergency Situations sees no threat in mining

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