Mercedes will compete with Tesla

Mercedes-Benz, the world’s largest class car manufacturer «luxury», will start mass production of electric vehicles in the first half of 2019 and will become the main competitor of Tesla.

The launch of the new EQ line was announced by Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche during the presentation of the Mercedes EQC crossover model. According to him, the company has invested over $ 12 billion in this project. There are no plans to create separate factories for the production of new cars. The EQC will be assembled at the Bremen plant in the same areas as conventional models.

Mercedes and other brands known for their high quality have become active in the development of electric vehicles following the rise in demand for the Tesla Model S among wealthy buyers. Daimler plans to offer 10 all-electric vehicles to the market by 2022. To do this, the automaker will spend about $ 1.2 billion on the creation of eight battery production facilities around the world..

The new EQC will be able to travel 450 km without recharging, and it will accelerate to 100 km in 5.1 seconds. The cost of the first model is still unknown, but the cheapest analogue of competitors starts at $ 69.5 thousand.

Mercedes will compete with Tesla

In addition to the growing interest in electric vehicles, Mercedes’ decision is also due to the tightening of standards for internal combustion engines. For example, the UK and France are planning to ban them altogether for 10 years. In addition, the German Ministry of Transport recently forced the recall of 774 thousand vehicles due to the fact that their actual pollution levels exceeded the declared ones..

Russian designers are also developing in this direction. Concern «Kalashnikov» soon will sell a domestic electric car.

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text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: The Verge

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