Japan will build a space elevator

Japan intends to implement the concept of an orbital lift between the Earth and the space station.

The idea, voiced by British writer Arthur Charles Clarke, can be realized in the near future. Shizuoka University and Obayashi Company To Launch Two 10 Small Satellites×10 cm, connected by a 10-meter steel cable. The design will become a miniature experiment to investigate the possibility of a space elevator. Scientists will be able to observe the object using cameras installed on satellites.

The full-scale Obayashi project envisions a six-lane orbital elevator. The capsule will be able to accommodate cargo up to 18×7.2 m or 30 people. The base of the structure will be located on an offshore platform, and its top will be located at an altitude of 36 thousand km above the Earth..

Japan will build a space elevator

The elevator will be driven by electric motors, and its speed can reach 200 km / h. In this case, the trip to the final destination will take about eight days. The cost of the project is estimated at $ 9 billion, and carbon nanotubes are considered the most likely material for creating cables..

While space travel is not available, automakers are trying to improve the comfort of ordinary travel. Volvo unveils self-driving electric vehicle concept with modular interior and sleeper.

text: Ivan Malichenko

Japan’s Obayashi to Build Space Elevator by 2050

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