Japan to build first battery-powered tanker

Tokyo-based Asahi Tanker plans to launch world’s first all-electric tanker in 2022.

The 60-meter coastal vessel, called the e5, will ironically carry diesel to fuel other cargo tanks. ships in the bay. Absolutely all of its systems will be powered by lithium-ion batteries with a total capacity of 3.5 MWh. Powerplant supplier Corvus Energy claims that this amount of energy will be enough for the tanker «many hours» work without recharging at the coastal station.

Switching ships to all-electric power is driving the development of battery technology, lowering the cost of battery packs and regularly reducing the permissible levels of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. According to the developers, the emerging infrastructure will further scale for larger sea ships.

Japan to build first battery-powered tanker

However, cargo ships crossing the ocean will likely never be able to run on battery power alone due to their low energy intensity per volume. Therefore, by 2023, the company plans to release a large system, combined with hydrogen fuel cells..

We also previously reported that a Swedish consortium plans to commission a 200-meter wind-powered transatlantic cargo ship by 2024..

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Corvus Energy

Japan to build first battery-powered tanker

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