Introduced Digital Smell Technology for Web, AR / VR

A team of scientists at the Malaysian Institute of Imagination has developed a digital scent technology that can be transmitted over the Internet or felt in virtual reality.

Imagine being able to smell gunpowder while watching a war movie, taste food using augmented reality in a restaurant, or smell perfume while chatting online. This is how the future is seen by scientists who have demonstrated the unique technology of digital scent.

The researchers stimulated the nerve endings of the volunteers’ sensitive nasal area with an endoscope brought up to them. By acting on receptors with electrical signals of varying intensity, they were able to trick the brain into reacting to them as if they were real stimuli. At the same time, people had real sensations of the smell of plants, sweets, chemicals..

Unlike most other transmission designs fragrances via the Internet, the digital version does not require chemical cartridges. However, so far the technology is very «raw» and the wire in the nose greatly annoyed the participants. Therefore, researchers are working on alternative methods of stimulation, including by directly affecting the brain..

Introduced Digital Smell Technology for Web, AR / VR

Digital odor technology can be applied not only in AR / VR devices, for transmission over the Internet, but also for medical purposes. for instance, for help people with impaired sense of smell.

In the near future, we will not only be able to smell virtual objects, but also touch them with the help of special gloves..

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Tom Hermans / Unsplash, cmfenews

Introduced Digital Smell Technology for Web, AR / VR

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