Implant invented to relieve pain and stimulate neurons

Engineers have developed the first bioelectronic remote magnetically controlled implant that can relieve pain as well as stimulate neurons in patients with epilepsy or Parkinson’s.

Existing stimulation methods, such as ultrasound, electromagnetic and optical radiation, inductive coupling, can cause tissue heating or weaken by hair, skin, bones, muscles. So researchers at Rice University have created a tiny microcircuit that has the same effect through a harmless magnetic field..

The device, named MagNI, consists of a 2x4mm film-type magnetoelectric transducer, a CMOS chip and a temporary energy storage capacitor on a flexible polyimide substrate..

This design allows you to transfer energy to the microcircuit from an alternating magnetic field outside the body and remotely adjust its operation..

Implant invented to relieve pain and stimulate neurons

The team successfully tested the long-term reliability of the device as well as tested it to function correctly on the hydra, invoking contractions from the creature upon contact..

Recall that recently, scientists have also invented the first artificial neurons on low-power chips, which behave just like real ones and allow you to create medical devices for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

Spine Stimulator for Pain

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Rice Universi

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