Hyundai unveils personalized customer service robot

Hyundai has developed the DAL-e automated robot for customer service.

A compact robot measuring 116x60x60 cm and weighing 80 kg is able to independently move between rooms and floors, providing various services to visitors. Thanks to the system of artificial intelligence and machine learning, it recognizes human speech, determines the essence of requests and responds to them, which allows for an individual approach..

According to the developers, DAL-e can provide various data of interest to customers, for example, tell about a specific car and the technologies used in it, as well as guide or follow the visitor to the desired place. Robot able to interact with various digital devices wirelessly, display information on a large screen and make various gestures with his movable hands.

Hyundai unveils personalized customer service robot

The company will use service robots to reduce the burden on employees. DAL-e will also be able to deliver general messages to individual clients, such as the need to wear a face shield indoors.

In recent years automakers are actively working on service automation tools. Volkswagen showed off a prototype of a robotic charging station last month.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Hyundai

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