GeekBrains Launches Sales Director Course Recruitment

GeekBrains is launching a five-month training course for sales directors. Students will receive ready-made work algorithms from current directors and sales managers, implement them in their company during their studies and will be able to move to a new level in their careers and salaries.

The course is designed for experienced sales executives who want to increase the company’s bottom line. Also, the program is suitable for beginners, team leads, sales managers who know how to sell, but do not know how to manage — and anyone who wants to improve their competence in this area.

In the process of training, students will build, optimize or scale their sales department, learn to attract the best specialists and grow employees from scratch to the level of experts, make marketing friends with sales and implement CRM. Together with teachers and fellow students, they will analyze specific work situations. There is a lot of practice on the course: tasks can be completed on a training project — or immediately apply the acquired knowledge in business.

GeekBrains Launches Sales Director Course Recruitment

Graduates will defend their project and attend an interview preparation course. They will receive a professional retraining diploma and a certificate.

Course instructors — practitioners and employees of large companies. The first stream will start on September 14th. Paid training.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: GeekBrains

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