GeekBrains Launches Recruitment for Blockchain Development Course

In four months of study on the course, students will master blockchain development. They will learn how cryptography, anonymization protocols and smart contracts work, and will add their first projects to their portfolio..

Both beginners and experienced developers will be able to study on the course: the first study will help to choose a specialization, the second – change profile, learn to solve complex problems and accelerate career growth.

Students will study the history of technology, its development, and major products. In a practical lesson, they will gain experience with blockchain. Teachers will explain the basics of cryptography, talk about smart contracts and how to create them.

Students will learn how to hide well-known transaction details while still providing proof of their correctness. They will be told how private blockchains differ from open ones, in what cases they are useful, what are the problems of scaling. Also, students will analyze the legal framework for working with cryptoassets.

The course will be taught by experienced practitioners from IBM, Group and WowCube.

GeekBrains Launches Recruitment for Blockchain Development Course

An HR manager will work with each graduate: he will help to write a resume, choose vacancies and prepare for an interview. Graduates will receive a certificate of professional development and  certificate.

The next stream will start on November 2. Paid training.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: iStock

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