Gazprom will beat big data theft

Big data technology will be applied in the gas industry. In company «Gazprom» developed an analysis system, thanks to which all the theft cases will be identified in the shortest possible time. The need for technology has long been ripe: the number of shortages is growing every year, which is explained by the dishonesty of employees.

According to reports, the North Caucasian Federal District was particularly distinguished. Gas theft rates in it reach $ 16 billion annually.

The application of the technology will be based on the formation of detailed reports on all components of gas production. In the future, the information received will be checked against the quantitative indicators of raw materials, information about the team, the time of starting work, labor costs, details of the use of equipment.

At the exit, the system will literally track every change on the company’s balance sheet. As a result, the management will receive accurate reports, the reliability of which will not be in doubt. — every detail will be securely fixed on the blockchain. A decentralized storage and transmission system will also contribute to the efficient circulation of information within the company: depending on the level of access, employees will receive only the data that is necessary for their work..

Gazprom will beat big data theft

As a result, full transparency of production and other stages will completely eliminate the shortages, optimizing the operation of the system. The result will be an increase in the welfare and targeted improvement of the economic position of the corporation.

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text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: «Gazprom»

Gazprom will beat big data theft

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