Fully automated farm to be built in Hamilton

The American company 80 Acres Farms plans to build the first indoor vertical farm in Hamilton, equipped with the latest robotics, artificial intelligence, sensors, and hydroponics. At the same time, it will operate on renewable energy sources..

The area of ​​the controlled ecological agricultural complex will be 15 thousand square meters. With the help of AI, robotics and a variety of sensors, the system will be able to work completely autonomously and control all factors of the greenhouse environment, such as the level of carbon dioxide, ultraviolet radiation, which will control the taste of plants and their growth rate. Monitoring will be around the clock.

The company uses a closed system of hydroponic supply and recirculation of water, which reduces water consumption by 95%. LED lighting and temperature control will help maintain the necessary climatic conditions all year round. The complex will be powered by several renewable energy sources, and delivery of products will be made only to the nearest supermarkets. This will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce costs.

Fully automated farm to be built in Hamilton

This Hydroponic Farm Is Run Entirely By Robots

Despite the complete automation, humans will still have limited involvement with organic material. 80 Acres Farms also decided to completely abandon pesticides.

In China, they went even further. JD.com has opened a fully automated warehouse in Shanghai that independently processes, packs and dispatches 200,000 orders daily. It employs only four people, but all of them only serve robots..

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Rebecca Haders

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