French Navy to Strengthen Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier for $ 6 Billion

The French Ministry of Armed Forces announced that the current flagship of the country’s navy, «Charles de Gaulle», Replaced by next generation nuclear powered aircraft carrier by 2038.

French navy to strengthen nuclear-powered aircraft carrier for $6 billion

This decision was made by President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron during a visit to the Framatome nuclear reactor company in Le Creusot.

The new warship Porte Avion Nouvelle Generation (PANG) with a displacement of 75 thousand tons will have a length of 300 m, a width of 80 m, and a speed of up to 27 knots or 50 km / h. It will be able to carry a crew of 2,000, about 30 next-generation SCAF fighters and electromagnetic catapults to launch them..

All ship systems will be powered by two 220 MW nuclear reactors. This will allow the aircraft carrier to move without refueling throughout its entire service life..

After completion of the design phase by 2025, the construction of the aircraft carrier will take place at the shipyards in Saint-Nazaire under the direction of the general contractor Naval Group. PANG’s first trials should only begin in 2036.

French Navy to Strengthen Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier for $ 6 Billion

The military did not disclose the cost of the project, but it is estimated at about $ 6 billion.

France is investing heavily in maintaining its military autonomy. Last year, the country announced plans to launch satellites into orbit equipped with machine guns and laser weapons..

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Naval Group

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