Filecoin will launch a working network in October

The Filecoin project team, which raised $ 257 million in 2017, announced the launch of a working version of the network next month..

The developers plan to deploy a full version of decentralized file hosting at block 148888, which is expected to be formed on October 15th. The mainnet launch should take place three years after the completion of the initial offer of the project tokens and 10 months after the launch of the test version.

However, even despite the delay, 230 companies and 1000 developers showed interest in the project, and more than 400 large miners took part in the testing phase, increasing the network capacity to 325 PB. In the coming weeks, the team will continue to add capacity, do optimizations and final tests, and allow community members to prepare their own systems..

Filecoin will launch a working network in October

Filecoin has already distributed 3.6 million FIL tokens, but their initial value remains unknown.

My Filecoin Investing Strategy (Mainnet Launching October 15th)

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: coindesk

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