Engineers create the first 1mm flat fisheye lens

A team of researchers unveils the world’s first wide-angle lens, which consists of a completely flat layer of glass and gives clear 180-degree panoramic images.

Distortion lenses are great for capturing panoramic views, but are inherently bulky and expensive to manufacture. Now engineers at MIT and the University of Massachusetts at Lowell have developed flat lenses that have similar refractive properties..

The lens they created is of the type «fish eye» consists of a layer of glass 1 mm thick, which on one side is covered with microstructures that scatter light in a special way. It is through these tiny elements that the flat material works like a traditional wide-angle lens. However, the existing prototype works effectively only in the infrared part of the spectrum so far, but researchers are already working on modifying it to cover the entire visible range..

Engineers create the first 1mm flat fisheye lens

Such flat lenses can be integrated into smartphones, laptops, medical imaging devices, virtual reality glasses and computer vision systems..

We also previously reported on the development of a flat lens that is a thousand times thinner. human hair.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: MIT

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