Engineers create a rig that rains with sound waves

Researchers have developed a huge acoustic installation that, even in arid regions, can increase rainfall by 17%.

Over the past year, a team from Beijing Tsinghu University has been conducting an experiment to change the weather on the Tibetan plateau. In this region, the share of the conversion of atmospheric vapor to precipitation is noticeably lower than the national average of 20%. To solve the problem of drought, the engineers decided to try to influence the clouds using low-frequency sound waves..

Engineers create a rig that rains sound waves

The created device is a huge loudspeaker powered by a diesel engine that compresses air to 10 atmospheres. The system sends sound signals to the sky at a volume of 160 dB. Despite the high noise level, a person practically does not hear it due to the low frequency of 50 Hz..

Engineers create a rig that rains with sound waves

When the sound reaches the clouds, its strength decreases to about 30 dB. These vibrations stimulate the formation of coalescence of small vapor particles into larger droplets. According to the results of the study, in areas with a radius of about 500 m, where the device was tested, after two hours of exposure, the amount of precipitation increased by 11-17%, compared with the indicators of the surrounding area..

Atmospheric moisture is not only essential for agriculture, it is also a promising source of renewable energy. In recent years, scientists have proposed several options retrieving it.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: wallhere

Engineers create a rig that rains with sound waves

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