DARPA has created homing sniper bullets

US military contractor DARPA, specializing in the development of advanced weapons, announced the creation of bullets for sniper rifles that are able to change the flight path after a shot to ensure that the target is hit..

Homing shells of the fiftieth caliber were named EXACTO. The bullets are equipped with optical sensors in the front and side ridges that are capable of correcting movement.

DARPA says it can reverse deviations caused by  bad weather, wind, long distance or human error. Shells are capable of even abrupt changes in trajectory..

DARPA has created homing sniper bullets

According to the developers, the system is so easy to use that during the tests, even inexperienced snipers using it for the first time were able to immediately hit a moving target..

DARPA EXACTO Test – Self-Guided .50-cal Rounds

Recall that the engineers presented a new method of compacting wood, in which the material becomes as strong as it becomes, but six times lighter.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Shutterstock, w-dog

DARPA has created homing sniper bullets

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