Cryptocurrency Exploits Used in Massive Cyber ​​Attack on Australia

Australian Cybersecurity Center reveals that in a recent breach of national networks, a group of hackers exploited a vulnerability commonly associated with cryptojacking.

According to the published report, During the attacks, attackers used four exploits in the Telerik user interface, including CVE-2019-18935, which was recently used by the Blue Mockingbird group to infect thousands of systems with the Monero stealth mining program.

Although the ACK document does not say whether the hackers who call themselves «statesmen», spread malware in a recent cyberattack, but such a vulnerability is the preferred option for installing cryptojacking applications on corporate networks.

Cryptocurrency Exploits Used in Massive Cyber ​​Attack on Australia

Some Australian officials even expressed their assumptions about the involvement of Chinese hacker groups in the massive attack, which could have angered that the country’s government was trying to conduct an investigation in the Celestial Empire about the causes of the origin of the COVID-19 virus..

During the coronavirus outbreak, hackers also started using infection monitoring maps to spread malware.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: apostrophe

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