Chinese army to start adopting 6G for technological superiority

China starts 6G development after just turning on its 5G network | Capital Connection

Even though China only launched its first 5G networks in November 2019, the military has already begun to discuss the introduction of 6G technologies to modernize the armed forces..

Currently, these technologies are in the research stage, but they are expected to provide 10 times faster data transfer rates than 5th generation systems. However, the People’s Liberation Army has published an article on the prospects for using 6G wireless telecommunications on the battlefield..

It says that the introduction of this technology will significantly affect military methods, such as the nature of combat, equipment development and communications. Promoting the gradual adoption of 6G in the military could be one of the key areas that will help China’s army not only adapt to future changes, but also gain a technological edge, according to the article..

The military says 6G’s potential goes far beyond faster data transfers and better internet quality. Next-generation systems will be able to improve intelligence gathering, visualization of combat operations and the provision of accurate logistics support. For example, fast transmission, study and analysis information will allow the command to instantly make the right decisions and make individual plans.

According to the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, a separate government department and 37 experts from universities, scientific institutions and corporations who advise it are currently engaged in research in this direction. Analysts predict the first working 6G systems will appear by 2030.

Chinese army to start adopting 6G for technological superiority

In order to get ahead of the United States in the arms race, China is investing heavily in modernizing its technical base and introducing new technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, drones and supercomputers..

However, the Americans do not plan to concede, therefore, they also spend a lot of effort and resources on the development of advanced weapons systems. Recently it became known that the US Navy is working on the creation of autonomous combat submarines that can destroy targets without direct human control..

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Dickson Lee

Chinese army to start adopting 6G for technological superiority

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