Blockchain investments reduced by 63% due to pandemic

Despite the current decline in investment in blockchain, companies see the integration of this technology as one of the most promising ways to increase competitiveness, according to a study by the auditing firm KPMG..

KPMG published report with the results of a survey of CEOs of 900 largest companies from the Forbes Global 2000 list with an annual income of more than $ 1 billion.The study found that most organizations significantly cut funding for new technologies, and 40% completely stopped investing in their development.

The calculations showed that, on average, investments in DLT decreased by 63%. At the same time, 65% of executives believe that in the current realities, modernizing infrastructure using blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, 5G and the Internet of Things is the basis for increasing competitiveness. In their opinion, the use of a combination of these technologies will allow you to get more profit than from capital investments in only one of them..

Blockchain investments reduced by 63% due to pandemic

Blockchain investment reduced by 63% due to pandemic

59% of respondents said that the pandemic is stimulating the development of digital solutions and after the end of the crisis, investments in these areas will grow significantly. However, the researchers note that trust issues in automated systems are still slowing down their deployment..

A recent Deloitte study also found that 39% of the largest companies the world is already using blockchain.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: dailymail

Blockchain investments reduced by 63% due to pandemic

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