Bitcoin Miners’ Revenues Up 33% In December

According to Coin Metrics, miners mined $ 692 million worth of bitcoins in December, which is a third more than November $ 522 million.

The main growth factor was the increase in the cryptocurrency rate, which rose to $ 29 thousand by the end of the year.Over the past three months, the average income of miners per unit of used power increased by 300%, reaching $ 0.284 per 1 Th / s.

In December, block closing rewards accounted for 90.1% of total revenues, and 9.9% for distributed network transaction fees of $ 68.3 million. During this period, fees fluctuated in the range of $ 4-12.

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Bitcoin Miners' Revenues Up 33% In December

At the same time, the growth of the crypto market and bitcoin mining led to an influx of miners and an increase in computing power, which led to an increase in the hash rate and network complexity to record levels. While this increases the security of BTC, it reduces the profitability of mining..

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Shutterstock

Bitcoin Miners' Revenues Up 33% In December

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