Bitcoin miners’ income increased by 48%

Bitcoin miners earned about $ 522 million in November, according to Coin Metrics.

The level of income for the last month is 47.9% higher than the October figure of $ 353 million.The mining itself brought the miners $ 467 million or 89.5%, and the remaining $ 55 million or 10.5% was received from commission fees.

The main driver of growth was market changes, not network activity. During this period, 9.14 million transactions were made, the commission for which was on average three times higher than in October and at its peak reached $ 12. During the month, miners received about $ 0.13 for each Tx / s of connected computing power.

Bitcoin miners' income increased by 48%

Traders were also able to make good money on exchange rate fluctuations in November. This is evidenced by the increase in trade volume cryptocurrency by 134%.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: depositphotos

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