Bitcoin Cash SV lost the hash rate war

Reorganization of blocks, threats from representatives and a lag in the length of the Bitcoin Cash SV chain have led to the fact that the leading crypto exchanges begin to refuse to support this coin..

Initially, most users and companies were on the side of the roadmap laid out by or ABC. However, those who disagreed with the changes decided not only to secede, but also repeatedly threatened to attack the network of competitors. After the hard fork, the SV leaders reorganized two blocks, which indicated the centralization of the coin, the lack of computing power and the weak organization of the system as a whole..

Previously, many developers and the head of the Kraken exchange Jesse Powell publicly criticized the actions of the supporters.  BCHSV, indicating more closed blocks and significantly superior hashrate of the Bitcoin Cash ABC network. Crypto exchange Coinbase also announced that the BCH ticker will be assigned to ABC. Platform users will be able to withdraw their BCHSV, but the platform does not plan to trade the coin.

Bitcoin Cash SV lost the hash rate war

However, Calvin Ayre is not ready to accept defeat, so he continues to threaten a more successful rival and recommends investors to stay away from Kraken, accusing the company of market manipulation. However, this behavior of SV supporters has a negative impact on the image of the coin, its value and prompts all new crypto exchanges to ignore the project..

Disagreements also lead to the destabilization of the entire market, and experts believe that the recent collapse market ball is caused precisely «the hash rate war».

Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork | Hash Wars Turn into Protracted Battle (ABC vs SV)

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Shutterstock

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