Bitcoin Cash ABC network on the brink of extinction after hard fork

After the blockchain split bitcoin cash miners refused to process blocks of the BCH ABC network, which may lead to its complete disappearance.

As a result of Sunday’s hard fork on block 661648, the cryptocurrency blockchain split into two branches, Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash Node. Even before the split, most of the miners came out in support of BCHN. However, according to the Coin.Dance website, the BCH ABC network is on the verge of extinction, since almost a day after the division, none of the pools have directed their resources to process its blocks..

This led to a collapse of the hash rate, because now the mining Bitcoin Cash ABC is only dealt with by individual miners, who closed only 6 blocks at the time of publication. For comparison, 97 blocks were formed in the BCHN network in the same time.

Bitcoin Cash ABC network on the brink of extinction after hard fork

It is possible that due to the dominance of Bitcoin Cash Node exchanges will assign it the ticker BCH.

The split of the community occurred due to the plans of the main developer of the project to introduce an 8 percent tax on mining in favor of the development fund.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Shutterstock, graphic: Coin.Dance

Bitcoin Cash ABC network on brink of extinction after hard fork

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