Barclays strategist calls bitcoin unsuitable for investment

The chief market strategist at Barclays Private Bank said that the high volatility and inability to predict the price of Bitcoin make it an unsuitable asset for investing..

Despite the recent price increase to $ 40K, Gerald Moser is confident that BTC is a poor investment choice..

According to him, the problem with cryptocurrency is that when working with Bitcoin cannot predict expected returns. In combination with strong and frequent price fluctuations, a digital asset becomes an unsuitable option for inclusion in an investment portfolio..

Barclays strategist calls bitcoin unsuitable for investment

Gerald Moser also says that volatility BTC mimics the behavior of other risky assets, therefore, most likely, many will exclude it from their portfolio in the course of standard optimization. Adding that asset performance is often driven by the support of retail investors during periods of volatile spikes, rather than institutional support.

While most financiers have embraced Bitcoin, some are still wary. For example, last week the owner of West Riding Personal Financial Solution, a consulting firm, called on the government to ban cryptocurrency transactions.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Huffington Post

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