Apple is developing a touch keyboard that you can feel

Apple has filed a patent for virtual keyboard technology that creates tactile sensations that mimic traditional mechanical counterparts.

Over the past decade, most people have become accustomed to touchscreen typing, and it is difficult for manufacturers to further improve typing convenience. However, Apple is working in a new direction with plans to offer users a physical feel for the keys.

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IN patent application describes a virtual keyboard on a flat panel display with tactile dots, electrostatic electrodes and a controller. Each key will generate its own charge, increasing as the finger approaches the surface. Since the skin conducts a charge, when moving between different points, the user will experience sensations of friction, repulsion, attraction, which will create a sense of the physical texture of the keyboard..

Please note that the filing of a patent application does not mean that Apple will apply the technology described in it in its future products. In this case, for now, it is better to consider it as one of the directions of the company’s research activities in search of ways to increase competitiveness..

Apple is developing a touch keyboard that you can feel

Although even if the manufacturer does intend to integrate this technology into its smartphones, tablets and other gadgets, this is unlikely to happen in the coming years. It is also not known how relevant it will be..

Perhaps, in the future, there will be no need for keyboards altogether, since text can be entered by the power of thought..

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Apple, zoomtech

Apple is developing a touch keyboard that you can feel

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