Anti-baldness cap created

Engineers have developed a baseball cap that stimulates hair growth by exposing the scalp to very weak electrical impulses.

Nowadays, men usually fight baldness with the help of special ineffective lotions, drugs with a lot of side effects. effects or expensive and painful transplant operations.

An alternative is electrical stimulation of the skin, but this procedure is not practical, since it requires daily connection to the device for several hours. However, researchers at the University of Wisconsin at Madison have proposed a more convenient solution..

They placed nanogenerators inside a regular cap from several layers of triboelectric materials, with a total thickness of 1 mm, which cover the entire surface of the head and passively convert the mechanical energy of natural body movements into electrical energy. At the same time, soft low-frequency charges penetrate deep into the skin, stimulate dormant follicles and activate hair growth.

The device has passed laboratory tests, and is pending approval for the beginning of clinical trials, and one of the developers has already tested the effectiveness of the baseball cap on his father. The results show that this stimulation is at least twice as effective as lotions and popular drugs..

Anti-baldness cap created

The developers note that the cap will only help men who are losing their hair now or have recently become bald, since over time, the skin loses its ability to regrow hair. It will also be useless during sleep due to lack of movement..

Recently scientists have also developed a miniature taster that can quickly determine the quality of alcohol and food, as well as differences between several samples of the same brand with 99% accuracy.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: University of Wisconsin-Madison


Anti-baldness cap created

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