An amateur engineer created an electromagnetic replacement for the M-16

Colorado Springs resident Martin Greer developed an electromagnetic combat rifle in his garage, which the US Army was already interested in and ordered the production of a prototype.

Although outwardly the weapon resembles a toy, but at the heart of its work are advanced technology and impressive enormous power. Its barrel can shoot from 4 holes at once, into each of which six-millimeter projectiles come from separate clips. This allows you to achieve a rate of fire of 250 rounds per second. The initial speed of the bullets is 1200 m / s. Fire can be fired singly, in burst or unique «powerful» shot (4 rounds at the same time), combining the advantages of a shotgun and a rifle.

According to the developer, the model can be further upgraded by changing the structure of the barrel and reducing the weight of the structure. His weapon uses two innovative solutions at once: an electromagnetic trigger and 4 independent barrels at once, which, thanks to computer control, can shoot simultaneously.

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An amateur engineer created an electromagnetic replacement for the M-16

Martin Greer filed a patent application for the technology back in 2016, and after receiving it, he raised private investment to manufacture a prototype commissioned by the US Army, which is now studying it. In total, he spent $ 0.5 million of his own and borrowed funds. Martin believes that his weapons are vastly superior to the outdated models of weapons used in the army, as they are based on the same principles of work as in the days of Napoleon..

New technologies are being introduced in aviation as well. Singapore-based HES Energy Systems is developing a hydrogen-fueled electric passenger aircraft.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Courtesy photio

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