Alcohol invented that doesn’t cause hangovers and doesn’t harm the liver

Professor David Nutt invented the synthetic alcohol Alcarelle, which causes intoxication, but avoids the subsequent hangover and other toxic effects on the human body. Researchers plan to officially register it as a dietary supplement in the next five years..

Previously, David Nutt was the main drug consultant to the British government and studied the impact of alcohol on various receptors in the body. In 1983, he discovered an antidote for ethanol, but because it was too harmful to humans, I decided to create a safe alternative.

After being fired, the professor put together a team and synthesized a synthetic alcohol molecule that targets intoxicating GABAA receptors, but avoids those that cause adverse side effects such as headaches. According to the scientist, the effect of alcohol on the brain is well known, and although it is a complex process, it can also be controlled..

New «hangover» the alcohol can be modified to allow the strength of the expected effect of the drink to be chosen, but it does not cause excessive intoxication. The laboratory team has already tried Alcarelle, but since it has not yet passed official security testing, then not distributed.

Therefore, researchers have already begun collaborating with food scientists to register the molecule as a food additive or ingredient within five years. They will need to prove that their product does not have a toxic effect on the body., like ethanol and completely safe for humans.

Alcohol invented that doesn't cause hangovers and doesn't harm the liver

According to analysts, Alcarelle will be able to gain market share as the alcohol industry is now increasingly resorting to alternative substances..

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text: Ilya Bauer, photo: top-show

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