A new type of glue turns to gas when removed from the surface

Chemists have created a new generation of glue that firmly adheres various materials, and, if necessary, can be easily removed, turning into gas.

There are many temporary adhesives out there, but they are usually difficult to remove on demand and can cause problems when they hit third-party objects. A team of researchers from Dartmouth College has proposed an innovative solution to this issue that does not require solvents or mechanical stress..

They created an adhesive based on crystalline adhesives that can pass from a solid to a gaseous state, bypassing the liquid phase. When heated in a vacuum, it quickly evaporates, releasing the bonded objects.

A new type of glue turns to gas when removed from the surface

During the study, scientists discovered a variety of molecular solids with suitable adhesive properties. This will help expand the capabilities of the new superglue. According to the team, it will be very useful in industries where there is a need to remove adhesion on demand, such as in the manufacture of semiconductors or drugs..

We have also previously reported on the development of an adhesive that quickly detaches from a surface under the influence of a magnetic field..

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Nicholas Blelloch / Dartmouth College

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