A new threat to humanity: robots have learned to manipulate people

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Robots and other machines that mimic intelligence are getting smarter and more capable. Some experts worry about the moment when the capabilities of robots will surpass those of humans. However, the researchers found that, even without having a high level of knowledge, robots are already able to manipulate people today..

A group of researchers from University of Duisberg-Essen in Germany conducted a test in which people were asked to turn off a humanoid robot. Most of them did not dare to do this if the robot began to beg them to stay and continue the interaction. According to the researchers, such manipulation by robots becomes possible due to the fact that people treat them as their own kind..

Study co-author Nicole Kramer, professor of social psychology, noted the following: «People are programmed to respond socially. We have not yet learned to distinguish between human social signals and artificial ones, which were tested during the experiment.».

For the study, Kramer and her staff asked 89 people to interact with the NAO and then turn it off. The robot is sold on the market, in Russia the price of a robot is about 1 million rubles.

Video of a dialogue in Russian with a robot from an experiment

In both cases, the participants hesitated when the robot said: «Not! Please don’t turn me off», — some even refused to turn off the NAO. When asked why they do not want to turn off the robot, one of the participants replied: «Because NAO said he didn’t want to be turned off». Another participant in the experiment noted that he felt sorry for the robot..

A new threat to humanity: robots have learned to manipulate people

Those working with the more outgoing version of the NAO found this decision particularly stressful. Surprisingly, people who interacted with a robotic and less emotional version of HAO held their finger on the switch longer. This was probably because the sudden manifestation of the simulated emotions was somewhat harsh and unexpected. Effort at shutdown may indicate an attempt to concentrate fear.

Scientists themselves believe that robots capable of playing on our emotions are the future of artificial intelligence. Some even believe that robots will learn to read emotions better than humans..

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text: Evgeniya Likhodey


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