52% of specialists came to IT from other areas

GeekBrains and ResearchMe investigated how people enter the digital and information sphere, why they decide to change their profession, as well as their main fears and incentives..

According to the survey, every second specialist working in IT or digital (52%) had to change their profession. At the same time, almost 64% of respondents work in the specialty that they received at the university, taking into account the fact that education allows them to find a job in various fields. The largest share of such people is among specialists under 34 years old and an audience over 55 years old. More than half of respondents over 35 do not work in their specialty.

49% of those who changed their profession did not do it for the first time. The main reasons for this are: the desire to try oneself in a new field (36%), the lack of prospects for salary growth (31%), the inability to find a job in the current specialty (24%).

The researchers also noted that more than half of the specialists who changed jobs were engaged in additional education. Moreover, 49% of them learned from colleagues in the process of work, and 43% used free resources – read articles, watched videos and lectures online. More than a third of respondents (38%) chose paid education offline, and every fourth (23%) studied paid online.

 The majority (62%) of respondents prefer working in IT or digital more than the previous one.

52% of specialists came to IT from other areas

The main feelings when changing a profession in 64% of cases is interest and in 49% a desire to learn new things. Every fifth (22%) noted a feeling of freedom, 19% felt joy, and 17% – fear. The main fear when changing jobs – lack of proper experience and knowledge

For 86% of respondents, the change of profession fully justified itself, although more than a third of those who changed their specialty (36%) are ready to do it again in the future..

500 IT and digital specialists took part in the survey: system administrators, testers, information security specialists, software developers, analysts, web developers and others..

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52% of specialists came to IT from other areas

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